As she has with every one of her exquisite time slip novels, Susanna Kearsley left me breathless with “Bellewether”. Historical fiction is all about bringing history to life, and Ms Kearsley always gives us so much more than a mere heartbeat. With a curator’s expertise, a historian’s passion, and an artist’s finesse, she brings meticulous attention to 18th century historical detail (including the Acadians – a particular favourite of mine), and every detail has a purpose, meaning her beautiful prose is never overdone. I’m always so impressed by how she is able to create separate/connected characters and make them all equally compelling – it’s like she writes two separate books in one. And somehow I always end up with such a crush on her men (both 21st and 18th century). Charley and Lydia were strong, intelligent, and beautiful women, but Sam and Jean-Philippe? Well, despite the perfect endings to both stories, I ended up wishing there was more about them!
And on a personal note, Ms Kearsley is as generous as she is talented. I was incredibly honoured to have been sent on a cross Canada tour in both 2015 and 2018, and she was always willing to share wonderful gems of knowledge about the publishing world! Plus, she and I put on a pretty good road show, if I may say so myself …

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