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Cassie Simmons, a museum curator, is enthusiastic about solving mysteries from the past, and she has a personal interest in the history of the rumrunners who ferried illegal booze across the Detroit River during Prohibition. So when a cache of whisky labeled Bailey Brothers’ Best is unearthed during a local home renovation, Cassie hopes to find the answers she’s been searching for about the legendary family of bootleggers…


Corporal Jeremiah Bailey of the 1st Canadian Tunnelling Company is tasked with planting mines in the tunnels beneath enemy trenches. After Jerry is badly wounded in an explosion, he finds himself in a Belgium field hospital under the care of Adele Savard, one of Canada’s nursing sisters, nicknamed “Bluebirds” for their blue gowns and white caps. As Jerry recovers, he forms a strong connection with Adele, who is from a place near his hometown of Windsor, along the Detroit River. In the midst of war, she’s a welcome reminder of home, and when Jerry is sent back to the front, he can only hope that he’ll see his bluebird again.

By war’s end, both Jerry and Adele return home to Windsor, scarred by the horrors of what they endured overseas. When they cross paths one day, they have a chance to start over. But the city is in the grip of Prohibition, which brings exciting opportunities as well as new dangerous conflicts that threaten to destroy everything they have fought for.

Pulled from the pages of history, Bluebird is a compelling, luminous novel about the strength of the human spirit and the power of love to call us home.
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  • Susanna Kearsley
    Evocative of place and time, a novel blending tragedy and triumph in a poignant and uplifting tale that’s sure to leave its mark upon your heart.
    Susanna Kearsley
    New York Times & Globe and Mail bestselling author
  • Roxanne Veletzos
    An epic tale of enduring love, loyalty and heroism, and a haunting portrayal of one of the most tragic yet overlooked battles of WWII, LETTERS ACROSS THE SEA has all the ingredients of a historical fiction masterpiece. Genevieve Graham has delivered once more a powerful, devastating, and ultimately redemptive story that stirs the heart in profound and lasting ways.
    Roxanne Veletzos
    Internationally bestselling author of The Girl They Left Behind
  • Kate Quinn
    Readers weary of European-centric World War II dramas will delight in Genevieve Graham's LETTERS ACROSS THE SEA, which centers on the courage and tenacity of Canadian soldiers, veterans, and home-front fighters. A tender, moving tale illuminating a fascinating lesser-known chapter of Second World War history!
    Kate Quinn
    Bestselling author of The Huntress
  • Jennifer Robson
    I always look forward to diving into a Genevieve Graham novel, because I know I’ll be swept away by her meticulous evocation of the past, her memorable and wonderfully observed characters, and her unmatchable flair for shining a light into the neglected corners of our shared past. This is history worth remembering — and fiction that both enlightens and entertains.
    Jennifer Robson
    Bestselling author of The Gown and Our Darkest Night
  • Julia Kelly
    LETTERS FROM ACROSS THE SEA is a beautiful book that tells a little-known chapter of history with incredible humanity. From the neighborhoods of Toronto to the battlefields of Hong Kong, Genevieve Graham weaves exquisite research, nail-biting tension, and rich characters into a sweeping novel of courage, betrayal, and reconciliation. I loved it!
    Julia Kelly
    Bestselling author of The Last Garden in England
  • Santa Montefiore
    Letters Across the Sea is a compelling story, meticulously researched and beautifully told—to the point that I was moved to tears on several occasions. Graham is a master storyteller with a gift to touch the heart. I’m so happy to have discovered her work.
    Santa Montefiore
    Bestselling author of The Temptation of Gracie
  • Pam Jenoff
    In Letters Across The Sea, Genevieve Graham further cements her status as one of the preeminent writers of Canadian 20th century historical fiction by illuminating a dark and complex chapter in the nation’s past in the decade leading up to World War 2. With meticulous research and vivid prose and memorable characters, Graham demonstrates once more her unique ability to inspire, educate and entertain.
    Pam Jenoff
    NYT Bestselling Author of The Woman With The Blue Star
  • Kate Quinn
    A tender, moving tale illuminating a fascinating lesser-known chapter of Second World War history!
    Kate Quinn
    Bestselling author of The Rose Code
  • Marissa Stapley
    Another gem from one of my favourite historical fiction authors! Graham reveals our past—both the shame and the hope of it—in the truest possible light. In doing so, she offers promise that the future can be changed by the telling of such important stories. This novel is heartbreaking yet romantic, distressing yet charming—and perfect for fans of Joanna Goodman and Jennifer Robson!
    Marissa Stapley
    Bestselling author of The Last Resort
  • Armando Lucas Correa
    If there’s one thing that defines The Forgotten Home Child, it’s the essence of the past. In these pages, one family discovers the truth about their personal history and realizes that while our pasts are imperfect and multi-faceted, and can bind us or set us free, in the end, they inform our identity. Genevieve Graham captures the reader’s attention from the beginning in this exquisite journey to the heart of what makes us human.
    Armando Lucas Correa
    Bestselling author of The German Girl and The Daughter’s Tale
  • Roxanne Veletzos
    Drawing on a dark, yet little-known chapter in Canada’s history, Graham paints a searing portrait of a childhood shattered by isolation and brutality. I was profoundly moved by this tale of courage, fortitude, and the heart’s ability to open again in the wake of great injustice. The Forgotten Home Child is a powerful and engrossing read, brimming on every page with both heartbreak and hope.
    Roxanne Veletzos
    Bestselling author of The Girl They Left Behind
  • Review
    The prose is evocative and fluid. The characters are scarred, driven, and resilient. And the compelling, well-paced plot is an adventurous journey
  • I've said it before and I'll continue to say it, I absolutely love Genevieve Graham's historical fictions!
    Ambur Hostyn
  • Sweetmarie_83
    Think Canadian history is boring? Genevieve Graham is determined to prove you wrong, one book at a time.
  • Katherine Scott Crawford
    Stepping into Promises to Keep is like stepping into the lush forest of a whole new world. The novel sings with power, adventure, and heart.
    Katherine Scott Crawford
    Author of Keowee Valley
  • Beth Powning
    Fascinating, harrowing, illuminating, this is a gripping love story. Graham sheds light on a dark chapter of Canadian history, immersing the reader in 1755 Grand Pré, making vivid the flames and the pain of the Acadians deported from their idyllic homeland.
    Beth Powning
    Bestselling author of A Measure of Light
  • Review
    Taking inspiration from an old Maritime legend, Come from Away is gripping from its first page to last. Impossible to put down.
    Toronto Star
  • Review
    [Graham] has delivered a book that reads like a love letter to a time and place that figures largely in our national identity: Halifax in 1917.
    The Globe and Mail


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