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Letters Across the Sea

Inspired by a little-known chapter of World War II history, a young Protestant girl and her Jewish neighbour are caught up in the terrible wave of hate sweeping the globe on the eve of war in this powerful love story from the #1 bestselling author of The Forgotten Home Child.

If you’re reading this letter, that means I’m dead. I had obviously hoped to see you again, to explain in person, but fate had other plans.


At eighteen years old, Molly Ryan dreams of becoming a journalist, but instead she spends her days working any job she can to help her family through the Depression crippling her city. The one bright spot in her life is watching baseball with her best friend, Hannah Dreyfus, and sneaking glances at Hannah’s handsome older brother, Max.

But as the summer unfolds, more and more of Hitler’s hateful ideas cross the sea and “Swastika Clubs” and “No Jews Allowed” signs spring up around Toronto, a city already simmering with mass unemployment, protests, and unrest. When tensions between the Irish and Jewish communities erupt in a riot one smouldering day in August, Molly and Max are caught in the middle, with devastating consequences for both their families.


Six years later, the Depression has eased and Molly is a reporter at her local paper. But a new war is on the horizon, putting everyone she cares about most in peril. As letters trickle in from overseas, Molly is forced to confront what happened all those years ago, but is it too late to make things right?

Perfect for readers of The Daughter’s Tale and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie SocietyLetters Across the Sea is a poignant novel about the enduring power of love to cross dangerous divides even in the darkest of times.


  • Roxanne Veletzos
    An epic tale of enduring love, loyalty and heroism, and a haunting portrayal of one of the most tragic yet overlooked battles of WWII, LETTERS ACROSS THE SEA has all the ingredients of a historical fiction masterpiece. Genevieve Graham has delivered once more a powerful, devastating, and ultimately redemptive story that stirs the heart in profound and lasting ways.
    Roxanne Veletzos
    Internationally bestselling author of The Girl They Left Behind
  • Kate Quinn
    Readers weary of European-centric World War II dramas will delight in Genevieve Graham's LETTERS ACROSS THE SEA, which centers on the courage and tenacity of Canadian soldiers, veterans, and home-front fighters. A tender, moving tale illuminating a fascinating lesser-known chapter of Second World War history!
    Kate Quinn
    Bestselling author of The Huntress
  • Jennifer Robson
    I always look forward to diving into a Genevieve Graham novel, because I know I’ll be swept away by her meticulous evocation of the past, her memorable and wonderfully observed characters, and her unmatchable flair for shining a light into the neglected corners of our shared past. This is history worth remembering — and fiction that both enlightens and entertains.
    Jennifer Robson
    Bestselling author of The Gown and Our Darkest Night
  • Julia Kelly
    LETTERS FROM ACROSS THE SEA is a beautiful book that tells a little-known chapter of history with incredible humanity. From the neighborhoods of Toronto to the battlefields of Hong Kong, Genevieve Graham weaves exquisite research, nail-biting tension, and rich characters into a sweeping novel of courage, betrayal, and reconciliation. I loved it!
    Julia Kelly
    Bestselling author of The Last Garden in England
  • Santa Montefiore
    Letters Across the Sea is a compelling story, meticulously researched and beautifully told—to the point that I was moved to tears on several occasions. Graham is a master storyteller with a gift to touch the heart. I’m so happy to have discovered her work.
    Santa Montefiore
    Bestselling author of The Temptation of Gracie
  • Pam Jenoff
    In Letters Across The Sea, Genevieve Graham further cements her status as one of the preeminent writers of Canadian 20th century historical fiction by illuminating a dark and complex chapter in the nation’s past in the decade leading up to World War 2. With meticulous research and vivid prose and memorable characters, Graham demonstrates once more her unique ability to inspire, educate and entertain.
    Pam Jenoff
    NYT Bestselling Author of The Woman With The Blue Star
  • Kate Quinn
    A tender, moving tale illuminating a fascinating lesser-known chapter of Second World War history!
    Kate Quinn
    Bestselling author of The Rose Code