“She could still tell herself it was a love story.”

I knew who Bonnie & Clyde were, of course, and I’ve seen their final photo many times, but I didn’t know anything about the people and adventures behind the scenes, and it was fascinating to go there. Bonnie was smart, artistic, and strong willed. She was also very, very poor. Clyde was clever, brash, and unafraid – and even more poor. Riding shotgun through their wild romance and even wilder ‘career’ was compelling. I enjoyed the way the author reminded us of just how young and confused they were – Bonnie would go from dreaming of her little house with a white picket fence to spraying off a round of bullets when the need arose. Clyde, driven and bull-headed, careless about who he shot or robbed, could be conscientious enough to return borrowed dishes even in the midst of mayhem. I wanted to read about the pair, about the time period, and about this girl gangster, and I got everything I wanted.

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