Circus of Wonders

“Circus of Wonders” hypnotized me from its first page to the last. From Nell’s beginnings as a dirt-poor girl born into a dusty, poverty-stricken village in the middle of nowhere, her body covered with with birthmarks that target her for a life of humiliation and isolation—the same birthmarks that rocket her to unimaginable heights—to the eager and relentless Jasper Jupiter, whose cravings to own only the brightest spotlight surround him in a darkness he cannot see, to his brother Toby, always in the shadows, so in love with them both he is lost to himself …

Elizabeth Macneal’s wonderfully detailed research and the colours of her creative mind took me on a macabre, addictive journey lit by shooting stars. This was my first of Elizabeth Macneal’s novels, and I have already ordered a copy of her debut, “The Doll Maker”.

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