The Lost Queen/The Forgotten Kingdom

Someone suggested I read Signe Pike’s first novel, “The Lost Queen”, but I was loaded up with books to read, so I hesitated.

“What’s it about?” I asked.

“I’ll give you a hint,” she told me. “It’s lauded as ‘Outlander meets Camelot’.”

SOLD. I set all other books aside and read both “The Lost Queen” and Part 2: “The Forgotten Kingdom”. And it was SOOOOO worth it!!! This was the closest I have come to reading an “epic” story in so long, and I lost myself in the delicious details, both historically accurate and based on myth or mysticism. The characters were captivating, their adventures gripping, and I learned so much! I have no idea how Ms Pike did such incredible research, to be honest. And yet it reads so poetically … It’s no wonder we will have to wait a few years for Part 3. But I will be the first to PreOrder. 10/10 on this series for me!

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