The Book of Lost Names

As author Kristin Harmel so neatly states, “one of my favourite things about writing about the war [WW2] is that I’m able to dig deep into subjects many of us may not be familiar with.” So true! There is a treasure trove of novels set during that time period, but only the ones that contain thorough and careful research – novels like “The Book of Lost Names” – stand out. I have read a great deal about the French Resistance, but I had never really considered the forgers and the incredibly important role they had to play in the war. I was captivated by the inner workings of their network from the beginning of Eva’s journey into that world, and I stayed up late into the night along with her as she worked. And of course there is a love story – a beautiful story of two people whose lives are twisted again and again by fate, and by their choices to sacrifice for the greater good. Definitely recommend.

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