The Forest of Vanishing Stars

Historical Fiction author extraordinaire Kristin Harmel does it again with a compelling story of human nature, fortitude, and courage in the face of the most horrible reality. Not only is this book a wonderful, heartwrenching story of survival and love, it’s a Survival Kit, too! Ms Harmel’s research for this book is incredible. Based on the true story of the hundreds of Jewish people forced to escape into Poland’s wild forests to evade the Nazis, she brings the reader into the minds and hearts of these desperate people  discover “home is not a place, but the people you choose to love.” I also found myself enraptured by the first section of the story, an unexpected mix of what felt like spirituality mixed with a little magic, though in fact it was simply a reality I had never imagined before. A wonderful book, 5/5 must read for historical fiction fans.

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