The Girl They Left Behind

Some readers lately have said, “I love Historical fiction, but there are too many WW2 novels out right now.” Others have said, “I can’t get enough of these WW2 novels” (count me in the latter camp). “The Girl They Left Behind” solves both these issues beautifully by taking us out of the usual geography, society, and politics and yet completely filling the history lover’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge of that era. Then to learn that the book is based on the story of the author’s own mother? Irresistible. But it was the lyrical opening sentence, the opening paragraph then chapter, then every page following that brought me into a story that felt at once incredible and entirely believable. Flip to any page and find the simplest description painted into art by a masterful hand. “… her senses began firing again, like bolts of electricity spouting through the severed end of a telephone wire in the dead calm after a storm.” This was a beautiful, mesmerizing novel, written by a debut author with a sure, skilled hand. Highly recommend.

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