The Huntress

I was spellbound by this book, didn’t want it to end. In the beginning I will admit that I was put off a little by the jumping around between years with the three main characters. Since the years were so close to each other (1940, 1946, 1950, I think), I kept having to look back and make sure I was in the right time and place. But this was a brief discomfort and was soon forgotten as I disappeared into this fascinating story of both during and after WW2. The ‘during’ was mesmerizing. I loved, loved the story of Nina, of what she became and how she became that. I’d say that was my favourite part of the book except once she appeared in the ‘after’, then THAT became my favourite. The novel was fast paced and expertly crafted, weaving together the stories of the fully relatable (to me, anyway) characters of Nina, Jordan, Ian, Annaliese, Tony, Ruth …

If you are looking for a full-out romance, you won’t find it in The Huntress. This is a story of the chase, of hide and seek, of overcoming fears by challenging the worst of them. Yes, there are love stories woven throughout, but far too often I have read reviews of different historical fiction novels wherein the reviewer complains about the lack of romance. I’m always disappointed to read those reviews, because obviously the author was trying for something else. Instead of seeking out that specific aspect of the story, let yourself into the adventure and enjoy the thrill of the ride!

Absolutely loved this book. Kate Quinn is an expert!

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