The Lost Girls of Paris

I’ll admit, I bought this book for two reasons: 1) Historical Fiction (need I say more?) and 2) that cover. Yes, I am a sucker for beautiful covers. I could hardly wait to dig in, and I want to thank yesterday’s snowstorm for allowing me to sit and read the entire book in a day. 🙂

The beginning of the story was slow for me, with a few questions – I know I’m conditioned to present day awareness, but I’d never have touched an abandoned suitcase – and three female perspectives set, seemingly, in a confusing order. I started to worry, but all I had to do was keep reading before I was convinced “The Lost Girls of Paris” was more than worthy!

The research was terrific throughout. Ms Jenoff explained at the end of the book that she had to work creatively around the training aspect, and I completely understand that – some things in history are open to research, and some have to be surmised. And before anyone questions that, remember that this is historical fiction, not non-fiction. I loved the detail in the book, and I loved the story – especially the way it refused to follow my assumptions of where the next twist was heading. I’ll admit that I was hoping for a few different endings (of the various characters’ threads), but the ones that happened were completely understandable and satisfying.

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