The Maid

Oh, I loved this book! What a quirky, gentle soul is Molly the Maid. I loved her from the first page, with her obsessive need for order and cleanliness, her frustrating yet endearing inability to understand facial expressions, innuendos, or other aspects of society that most of us take for granted. When her beloved grandmother, with all her practical lessons, is gone, Molly is left without an anchor just when she needs one the most. As one door opens in the long corridors of the grand hotel in which she works, another one mysteriously squeaks closed, and the invisible maid we have all walked past at some point in our lives becomes the only one in a cast of wonderful Agatha Christie-esque characters who holds the key to the truth. Debut author Nita Prose uses the most delightful language, and her dialogue and character interactions are crisp and enjoyable. It’s been a while since I’ve smiled practically the entire way through a book. If you enjoy A.J. Pearce’s unconventional humour, I think you’re going to love this one (though it is set in the present time, not the past).

Harper Collins won the rights to “The Maid” in a six-way auction – not bad for her DEBUT!!
Universal Pictures obtained the film rights for “The Maid” well in advance of its publication, starring Florence Pugh. I cannot wait to see it – I just hope it does justice to the author’s work!

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