The Rose Code

I have yet to read a novel by Kate Quinn which is anything less than brilliant. She is an inspiration to me, with her beautifully developed characters, gripping plotlines – that do not leave me scrambling to figure out what’s going on – and research that leaves me astounded. The story of the Bletchley Circle codebreakers and everything that went on over there during World War 2 is a subject that is only recently coming to full light, since those who worked there were sworn to secrecy on pain of death for at least forty years. Ms Quinn didn’t just tell a story, she told the stories of three women – and everyone around them – with heartbreaking and exhilarating finesse. To be honest, I finished the book, put it down, then picked it up, wanting to read it all over again. That doesn’t often happen to me – my tbr pile is already way too high! Brava, Ms Quinn. I can hardly wait for your next release, “Diamond Eye”, coming out in 2022.

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