The Second Mrs. Astor

Such a beautiful book. Meticulously researched and exquisitely detailed, “The Second Mrs. Astor” is wonderful historical fiction, but it is also a lush, consuming romance. ‘A love story for the ages’, as they say.  Madeleine Force has no idea what she is getting herself into when she allows the charming, powerful, and wealthy-beyond-imagination Jack Astor into her heart, but she couldn’t have stopped herself if she tried. She’s loved him all her life, and he cannot imagine how he lived before he met her. Ms Abé has captured the magic and reality of true love in her words, and I wished it would never end. But of course this isn’t just about a love story. There’s so much more. Madeleine is like the Princess Di of her generation – not with her husband, but with the media – and even when the unthinkable happens – the unsinkable happens – she must face the hordes again. I loved the story, but especially the telling of it.

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