The Diamond Eye

I have run out of ways to describe how much I admire Kate Quinn’s stunning novels – and the fact that she seems incapable of producing anything less than perfection. This true story follows the incredible life of a quiet, basically single mother, and history student who joins World War 2 after Hitler invades her home country of Russia. We are in Mila Pavlichenko’s head and heart as she survives years of unbelievable, brutal experiences of devastation and loss, becoming “Lady Death, the deadliest sniper in Russian history with 309 Nazi kills. Wounded in battle, she is told she cannot return to the Front but will still fight for the cause by being the voice of a Good Will Tour in the United States. Reluctantly she travels with her partner to the world of President Roosevelt and his First Lady, Eleanor, where she discovers (in a thrilling twist) that her role as a sniper is not over by any means.

As soon as I finished “The Diamond Eye”, I took a deep breath then read it again. Bundle up and prepare to lose yourself in this breathtaking story.

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